Peacock Appliscape – Quilting Complete!

Quilting is complete!

I got the quilting completed, and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would! I used invisible thread to outline the peacock’s body and the feathers (with white bobbin thread), and then used white quilting cotton thread for the feather filler around the border. I managed to break 3 titanium quilting needles somehow, but then again, there are several layers of fabric and thread on the actual embroidery.

I used a medium-loft batting (about 3/8″ loft) for this project. I used a low-loft batting for the crazy music wall-hanging and thought that it didn’t give enough “poof” to the quilting. I really think that the medium was easy to work with and gave exactly the result I was looking for! The free-motion quilting foot was absolutely a dream to work with!!

So, I am rather pleased with out it turned out (because it turned out how I imagined in my head!!). I hope to get the binding on shortly (hopefully I have enough fabric!).

– Stephanie


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