Independence Tree

We converted our Christmas Tree to an Independence Tree for the 4th of July holiday. Below are a couple pics of the decorations we used, cut using the Cricut and the Stand & Salute cartridge. Ryan thought that the Star Trek ornaments could also count for Independence tree decorations, so we left those on there (you can see that in the paratrooper ornament picture). 🙂

– Stephanie

Yellow Ribbon. I used the Cuttlebug to emboss designs on each of these, rotating through 3 different ones. I embossed them using the "Seafoam White" embossing powder and the "Snow Cap" ink.
Star. Stand & Salute cartridge. 3 layers.
Jet. Stand & Salute cartridge. This is reversible, with red background and blue jets on the other side (I saved the jet cut-outs and glued them to the back).
Paratrooper. Stand & Salute cartridge. Used a simple shadow for stability. Kind of a bad day for paratrooper, getting caught in the tree and all....

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