Recipe Book Project

I’ve been looking into good ways to archive our favorite recipes for quite a while. For Christmas last year, we got a recipe book from Ryan’s grandma LaVerne which got me thinking (other than the thought “We hit the GOLDMINE of awesome recipes!”… Ryan was pretty excited about those recipes). The 8×8 scrapbook album was the perfect size to include plenty of information, pictures, and style for our favorite recipes. In addition, the plastic sleeves would also help protect the recipes from getting all goober-y.

As I complete the pages, I’ll update this entry with pictures!! Here are the completed (or close to completed pages):

Title Page
French Toast
Spaghetti - Grandma LaVerne's recipe!
Crockpot Chicken
Beef Stroganoff
Spanish Rice
Pasta - as learned in the Italian cooking class I took in Florence, Italy, in 2007.

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