Picture Frame

I did a little bit of a non-traditional crafty item with my Cricut today, and I really like how it turned out!!

I started out with a plain, unfinished wood frame for a 5×7″ photo. I cut out the designs using my Cricut and the Sweethearts cartridge. All the designs were cut at 2″ and fit perfectly!! (In a way, it looks nice with this subtle contrast… maybe I will try doing a frame with more decorative paper and just sealing the paper on the plain wood for another project….)

Plain frame with planned design layout.

Next, I painted the wood frame a light buttermilk color to help prep the surface for the decoupage. Brushing a light coating of decoupage on the back of each of the piece of cardstock, I pressed them into position. After they were all glued on, I added a thin layer over the entire surface to seal it firmly. (I realized after about 2 coats of paint that I forgot to glue on all the little itty-bitty hearts. bummer.)

Decoupage added to entire surface.

When that was complete, I started the painting process. I used acrylic craft paint which was fairly thin, so it took quite a few coats to get a fairly solid appearance.

After 3 coats of paint.

Overall, it took 5 coats of paint to get the look I was going for.

Finished project!

I like the slight variety in the darkness of the red. The designs are subtle, yet add a sophisticated appearance. It almost looks leather-like… like a leather-bound book in a way. I have plans to display an embroidery project with this frame, and I think it will look great…. still have to do the embroidery project though….

Since I liked how well this one turned out, I had to run to Hobby Lobby for another frame (or 3) before they closed tonight since they are closed tomorrow all day! I plan on doing a blue or brown one with gold highlights (found some neat rub-on gold finish stuff) for the living room.

– Stephanie


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