All I know is that it sounded great…

I got a wild hair last night (mostly because I found some old scrapbooking mags from 2006 in my crop-in-style and decided to flip through them). I should know better than to start something at 9:30 at night when I SHOULD be going to bed. At least I don’t have to work today. 🙂

I printed the journaling out on paper (cut down from 12″ x 12″ to standard letter so it would fit in the printer). I found the perfect stamp in a collection of sayings: “Live Your Bliss”.  Perfect!! I used my new clear embossing powder on that ink (but you really can’t see it too well in the photo, but it gives it a shiny, clear, dimensional appearance).

I took photos a while back of some of my equipment and accessories to put in an electronic inventory file, so the Gibson Custom dust cloth and the guitar picks that I used when I first started playing were pictures that fit perfectly!! (yes, they are photos that I cut out, not actual guitar picks.)

The photo of me is right after I got the guitar… you can tell I have no idea what I’m doing because I don’t even know how to hold it!! I can tell it looks like I’m not a player at that point… thought it was perfect for the page…

anyway… I had fun with this last night. I’m thinking that this is the first of many guitar pages….

– Stephanie


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