9-Patch Lattice Quilt

This is a project that I plan to hand-piece while traveling to far away lands. The original inspiration (and pattern) came from the “Oh, Fransson!” blog that I follow on a regular basis (I love her colors and piecing ideas… her regular stippling quilting style works, but lacks creativity when used on every quilt though).

Here is my sketch on how I plan on laying out the colors (look for the definitions of the lettering/numbering on the right-hand side of the left page). The one on the right is the one I will follow (based on the number of blues and browns I have).

9-Patch Lattice Sketch

These are the fabrics I have picked out (not yet pre-washed).

Fabrics (before the pre-wash)... would that make it pre pre-wash?

I won’t be doing a finished size as indicated on that page (that’s why I write in pencil!!). It will most likely be 37.5″ x 52.5″ using 7.5″ blocks.

I can’t wait for the pre-wash process to be done (going on now) and then on to the cutting! Well, not thrilled about the cutting, but that just means that I’ll be closer to laying out the design with the actual fabrics. I’m anxious to see how the color scheme will work… 🙂

– Stephanie


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