Jenny’s Doves

I finally got the embroidery done to go in the frame I made a while back. I had a little of a hiccup when I realized that ALL of the fabric I was planning to embroider on was underneath my 9-patch layout (to prevent the dark green ping-pong table from showing through). That forced me to get the 9-patch wrapped up before I could even begin the stitching.

There were over 39,000 stitches and 40 color changes in this design. I ended up modifying the default colors so that the roses would match the frame I made. It took about 3 hours to stitch since there were so many color changes.

I really like how it turned out (because it’s how I visioned it in my head).

Jenny's Doves - framed embroidery

If you would like to see the post highlighting the process I used to make the frame, click here.

Technical details:
– Needle: Inspira 80
– Thread: Rayon 40wt
– Bobbin: white 60wt
– Tension: default
– Batting: craft batting cut to window size

– Stephanie


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