Ruby in the Rough?

Yes, Ruby, not Diamond…. the Diamond is too much machine for me (and too much mula). I’ve been kicking around the idea of trading in my Designer SE LE for the Designer Ruby while I still have 100% trade-in value, and I decided to do it! I’m just waiting for the call that the machine has come in (which should be by the end of the week).

The biggest advantages and features of the new machine:
– larger sewing area: almost 10″ to the right of the needle (compared to the less than 7.5″ the SE has)
– larger embroidery area: will do designs up to 8″ wide (as opposed to 6″) … could actually use the 200mm x 200mm quilter’s hoop!
– Design positioning: helps position designs more precisely without hooping so carefully (woot woot!) — I really don’t like hooping… it can be quite a pain.
– Having a new machine that isn’t a discontinued model when I bought it.

Well, now, we wait…………and unfortunately, I won’t have much of a chance to use it before my travels to far away lands. At least my creative plotting can continue without as many restrictions!



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