Vanessa the Impressa’s New Cozy

I decided that my coffee maker needed a real name. (Instead of just Coffee Concoctor. Yes, that is a name, but I feel that is more of a name of what it does, but not really a good name per say.) So, it is now known as Vanessa the Impressa.

I also decided that it should have a cover for when it is not in use for extended periods of time, so I decided to make one. I took the measurements and then proceeded to cut out and quilt each of the sides. I’m not quite finished with it, since I do believe I miscalculated the front piece and would like to re-measure before I quilt it and sew it to the rest of the cover.

Pictures will be coming shortly, however, I wanted to see if this new method of posting entries to this blog (using an application called MacJournal) would work.

So far, seems like it is! Especially if you can read it!


Update:  picture!!

Coffee Cozy