Because I have been completely obsessed with Boo aka Ghosty, I decided I should embroider him on something. I hadn’t been able to find any embroidery files online anywhere, so I had to make my own sketch, then import it into the Design Wizard in the 4D Embroidery Extra software.

Here is the sketch that I used:

Sarah sent a Halloween card, and it couldn’t have a more perfect character! Coincidentally enough, I was working on the Boo embroidery pattern when Ryan pulled it from the mailbox!

I colored Boo’s tongue green (outlined in blue) to make sure that the Design Wizard knew I wanted the tongue a separate color than the mouth.

I scanned the sketch and downloaded the image to CraftyLappy. After a few tweaks in Design Wizard, I had an embroidery file that would fit the bill!

The design ended up being a total of 20,072 stitches with 6 color changes. I changed the order and put all the black (charcoal) at the end, which then could have been combined to 5 color changes.

When it was all stitched out (about an hour later), it looked like this!

I am not sure what I’m going to do with him yet, but it was good to check out the Express Design Wizard. I’d like to have a little more control over the stitches, because there is a bit of a gap on the top left between the white and the charcoal outline. Overall, I think that it worked out pretty well and I’m thinking that there may be more Ghosty sketches in the future!!