Ruby Arrived!

I picked up my new embroidery machine, having traded in my Designer SE.

Tried to get the software installed on the computer for the communications feature between PC and embroidery machine, but I had trouble since this new machine isn’t listed in the 4D software. Could have sworn I was supposed to get 5D software (at least for the communicator and the vision/organizer modules), but the disc that came with the machine was 4D and not 5D. I’ll have to deconflict that tomorrow with a call.

Everything else I got set up and organized. Just need to organize the sewing room aka dining room a bit and clean up some of my mess. Think a tornado named Stephanie went through there earlier.

Tomorrow, I will run a couple designs through the machine to make sure it’s working properly (and so that I can have proper fun before leaving on business). I plan on taking a couple of Sarah’s flower pics and seeing how the software handles those, with the colors that I have, of course.

But, that’s all for tomorrow because it’s getting rather late to start anything tonight now.


Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby

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