Adding the 5D!

Since I had been “saving” and scheming while in far away lands, the purchase of the 5D Professional Embroidery software came quickly upon my return. It also helped that it was 20% off when I wanted to buy!

Lappy 600, however, would not be able to handle the new version of the software, so I had to hunt for a replacement. I found the HP TouchSmart 610 to be a suitable substitute. It is probably more computer than what I need, but I think that it will be a good addition to my crafting area with its media options, touch display, and screen angles.

HP TouchSmart 610

I don’t have the computer yet, but the goal is to have the software loaded and the computer configured to talk with Ruby, the embroidery machine, by the end of the week. I’m thinking of heading back to Nashville on Saturday to attend the software class, but we’ll see if that fits into my crafty time and if I feel like I already have a good handle on the program. It might be nice to skip any potential fumbling around and have someone who has worked with it a lot to show me the ropes….

– Stephanie


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