The New Setup!

The computer arrived, and I have the 5D software installed! I’m still having problems with the machine-to-computer communication, but while I was straightening up I found a little flyer that must have shipped with my sewing machine that says that the 5D version of the machine communication wasn’t ready when the machine was packaged for shipment. It left a couple clues for installing the updated version (which is supposedly on the Husqvarna website). I might have to hunt that down. I can’t remember if I tried any of that or knew about it before… Regardless, I can use the thumb drive to transfer the embroidery files between the machine and the computer.

HP TouchSmart 610 and Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby

Yesterday, I spent most of the day organizing my embroidery files and configuring the software (i.e. inputting my threads). Today, I’m thinking of working on something, just not sure what… yet. 🙂

***UPDATE: I found a machine communication update file for the Ruby. It’s installed and the computer and sewing machine are now playing nice with each other!! Woot!***

Nevermind… Thought that I had it working because at least the computer is now registering it, but it still won’t accept a “send” via the software. ARGH!

– Stephanie


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