Birthday Balloon – Fail

I learned a few new tricks at the software class today! One of them was creating borders to make patches or applique. I used this technique to try to make a birthday balloon patch. “Try” is the operative word. The concept worked well, and I do believe that I have that down (it’s super awesome!), but I didn’t use the best selection of stabilizers for the fabric, so it ended up pulling the fabric in as it stitched out the balloons. As a result, the satin border would not go on properly and made a huge mess. I tried moving the design around on the screen and adding a second layer of satin stitch, but that just didn’t work. After that, I tried the satin stitch manually using the sewing function of the machine. That worked much better, but I had already made a mess of the edge, so it’s pretty much a FAIL. Next time, I just need to use heavier stabilizer, and it should work out much better. (The fabric is really great with the balloons though!! Love it!)

– Stephanie


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