Damask Pillow Cases

During the parents’ road trip to Tennessee, they stopped at my cousin’s place in Iowa. Mom saw that my cousin Amanda needed some new pillow cases for her guest room (the peacock-themed room). She figured that a Damask design would be perfect, and using the colors I used in Amanda’s peacock wall-hanging, it would coordinate with her colors exactly! I agreed, so using her idea and my equipment/thread, we made up a matching set of pillow cases.
Pillow Case and printout
 There are 2 pillow cases, with the design placed so that they will be on mirrored ends when the pillows are placed on the bed. To help with placement, I printed the design at 100%. This made it easier to see where the center point would be. I folded the pillow cases the long way, making a crease to mark the center line.
Hooping was done by spraying the stabilizer with adhesive (to keep it in the appropriate spot on the pillow case) and then matching up the crease I made with the dashes on the hoop. I definitely dislike hooping designs that rely on being straight, much less matching positions with a coordinating piece! I think that they matched up nicely, however, I don’t have a photo of them with pillows. I’ll have to get Amanda to help me out with that one when she gets them.
– Stephanie
– Designer Ruby
– Thread
– Tear-n-Wash stabilizer
– 2 white pillow cases

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