Mario Kart Mayhem

Ryan and I love to play Mario Kart. We have been playing for years! I first started on the Game Cube (but he’s been playing since before that). It has been our activity to relieve stress. Apparently we released quite a bunch of it on Thursday! While we were in the middle of a set of 4 races, we heard the doorbell and really loud banging from our front door. Ryan went to the window and said, “Oh, it’s cops!” We ran downstairs, Wii Wheels still in hand, and opened the door to two cops.
They asked if everything was alright. We were confused. Supposedly, a call came in for a possible domestic dispute of some sort, and they thought it came from us! Well, we had been playing video games, so it wasn’t from us! They said, “we thought you might have been ‘domesticating’.” [can anyone say “redneck”] In any case, everything was fine, and no need to worry, just a really spirited game of Mario Kart. As they were leaving, I snapped a picture through the blinds of the dining room window at the police cars that had been parked out front.
Ryan and I went upstairs, and I literally fell on the floor, laughing. … this was definitely one of those moments that had to be scrapbooked! See below  for the layout I did today ….
Mario Kart – The Police Came
I found a couple of pictures of King Boo (the character I race with) and Mario (the character Ryan races with) that fit with the theme of the page perfectly!!
I was also curious to experiment with a vellum technique, so I traced a Boo from a printed image with some embossing pens. (This is the Ghosty that is on the journaled square.)  Then, I embossed it with “sea foam white” around the edges. For the eyes, I drew those on with a marker and then some Glossy Accents was added to give the eyes dimension. The mouth was colored from behind using Zig markers. I attached it to the journaling by folding a flap and taping that edge to the backside of the paper (it will lay flat when put in a protected sleeve in the album). I thought it was a cute touch, and I got to try something new!
The stamps I used came from the “Disclaimer” set by 7Gypsies. Perfect!!
This was a really fun layout to document our run-in with the authorities… 😉
– Stephanie

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