Boots! – The Test Block

 I found a few moments to mark and cut some pieces to put together a boot block as a test before I slice into the fancy (aka expensive) fabric.
It went together rather well. It was a little tedious marking and cutting the pieces. After thinking about it for a while, I figured it was probably easier (and would take less fabric) if I didn’t rotary cut. I actually like rotary cutting and was a bit scared of cutting by hand, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. … and now I feel silly for thinking it was scary. ha.
It shouldn’t take too much to cut the pieces for 4 boot blocks. I might be able to rotary cut the pieces for the star blocks though (if I have enough table space for my cutting mat!).
The pattern didn’t call for trimming the doubled-up corner triangles, but I did that anyway. That should help some of the bulkiness of it. I am a bit worried about that because the fancy fabric is a bit heavier than this fabric. I should get some nice crisp lines from it though (since my machine won’t want to push the fabric down the little hole… or maybe I need a sharper needle?).
Other than the slight trimming, I didn’t make any other adjustments, and I really don’t think that I need to either. It went together pretty slick, as long as all the pieces are kept straight in my head!
I really do like the contrasting tab and strip in the shaft of the boot. I will defnitely keep that scheme in mind for the real deal! and, of course, this block looks great against the backdrop of my couch because it is from the same stash of fabrics I am using on the 9-patch lattice quilt.
– Stephanie

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