Boots – Star Selection

After doing a few sketches and doing some math to ensure I have enough fabric, I believe I’ve arrived at a decision for the border and stars! The original pattern has some crazy way of folding and pressing down the corning triangles. While this is probably super easy, I think it will create too much bulk (like it did in the boots) and ends up using way more fabric. As I was searching for alternate cutting sizes for 6″ finished Ohio Star blocks, I found that the Ohio Star pattern isn’t even the same as others out there. I liked the other ones I found, since it could incorporate another color into the stars.

Here is the latest sketch:
(click on the picture for larger view)

Since I know that I was limited on the blue color, that drove the search for the alternate Ohio Star. For the 16 stars required, the new pattern saved 452 sq inches of fabric. That is about a fat quarter of fabric!!

Here is a picture of the fabric selection:

 I really think that the brown will emphasize the center block, as well as tie the boots into the piece. I don’t have enough of each brown, but since the browns are about the same intensity, I’ll alternate the browns with the stars, just like the blue and green.

I’m getting really excited to finish up the top! I’ll have to be super careful with cutting for a couple reasons:
1.) I don’t have much fabric to spare
2.) I already cut my finger. <oops!>

– Stephanie


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