5D Design Creator – Yoshi

Ryan wanted me to make a Yoshi, so that was my next challenge. Yoshi has too many different sections, so I really didn’t think an applique would be the greatest (unless I did it huge).

Here was the image I started with:

Here is the stitched out version:

Very awesome! it was tricky trying to decide how to represent each of the areas. The fingers were particularly interesting. I really like how his fists turned out though! The other fun part was the satin areas of his shoes! I learned how to adjust the direction within the satin areas to get the little dimple from his bent toes.

This time, I stitched all areas at Density 2 (except the mouth, which ended up at Density 3). This was much, much better than King Boo!

I did, however, miss one area of detail. This close-up shows the gap in my design within the shoe:

In the program, this is how the lines matched up (or didn’t, rather):

The outline in black was also a bit off, but I attribute that to not having heavy enough stabilizer/fabric for the density of the design. I ran out of all my medium weight cut-away/tear-away stabilizer, and ended up using Inspira Whisper Web (since it was the only one I had left that wasn’t water soluable). As I suspected, the Whisper Web was too light.

– Use the “edit” tab to review the fill area lines to ensure there are no underlaps (overlaps might be alright, just depends on density, I suspect).
– Density of 2 or 3 is my preference.
– Fill areas can be moved around in the film strip with respect to stitching order, and should be stitched from furthest to closest according to the design. I had to do this for the yellow sole in Yoshi’s shoes, and I had no problems with the jump stitches or anything.
– Yoshi is cute.

I am super happy that I figured out how to make these designs using the Design Creator module in 5D Professional. Now that I have worked through a couple designs, future designs should materialize much quicker! I can’t wait to make more!!!

– Stephanie


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