Christmas Thank You Cards

Paper cards just didn’t excite me, so I welcomed the idea of creating embroidered postcards to send as thank you notes this year!

I created 3 different ones, and stitched them out three at a time in my Designer Royal hoop.

I used the same font, outline size and background fabric for each, and just changed the image around.

I used an in-the-hoop embroidery technique to stitch them out. When all the embroidery for the front side was completed, I used spray adhesive to tack on a white piece of backing fabric, then did a blanket stitch around the outside. This was all programmed into the embroidery file. Embroidery Library has a lot of these types of designs for postcards.

While the second set was stitching out, I played around with the development of the 3rd set (the Christmas Trees). I scanned a piece of the fabric I planned on using for the background into the 5D Vision software. (This modules allows the designer to see how the embroidery will look on a particular garment or fabric.) The arrow on the screen can be adjusted to a specific point on the fabric or garment, and then the real-life measurement is added. This gets the article to the correct scale for viewing the embroidery.

This was the image that I could preview before stitching it out.

Pretty neat! I think that the photo brought out the beauty of the fabric better than the scanner did. I also changed the outter stitching color for the final product, other than that, it’s darn near identical. What a neat tool!

For all of the postcards, I used a medium weight, tear-away stabilizer. After tearing the stabilizer off the postcards, I trimmed the edges as close as I could with a scissors. There were still some very short white fuzzies left, so I touched a lighter to them ever so carefully. That seemed to work pretty well to clean up the edges, however, if there was a more dense satin stitch around the edges, I probably would not have had to do that at all. I was concerned with the stabilizer losing its integrity, and with 3 postcards being accomplished at the same time, thought it was best to leave the border stitching light.

– Stephanie


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