Boots! – Pin It

For all of the blocks up until this one, I’d been matching up the triangular pieces and then sewing them without pinning. I was having some trouble with the points shifting as I positioned the pieces under the needle. So, I thought I’d give pinning a try.

(I pinned the first set of triangles as well, and had already noticed a huge improvement.) Maybe 4 pins seems like overkill in the picture above, but this seemed to work pretty well:  I’d just slide the pins out of the way of the foot as I went by.

When it came time to match up the rows, it was SO much easier!

This is probably the most even set that I have had! And it was simple to do! In fact, I think it may have been less time consuming (factoring in the readjustment that was almost always necessary before).

Came out right on the money!! Couldn’t be happier!

The points came out fabulous! Not quite perfect, but the best block that I’ve seen yet!! Only 5 left to do, so maybe one of them will be perfect! 🙂

– Stephanie


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