Ghosty Blanket

While I was updating my “Current Projects” page, I realized that I haven’t yet written a post on the Ghosty Blanket that I’m working on!

So, here it is!

This is the design that I “sketched” in MS Excel:

This basic, pixelated design is perfect for granny squares. Yes, a TON of granny squares. I’ve assigned a letter (or letters) to each of the different colors, and then used Excel’s awesome powers to compute the number of blocks needed for each color. Using a couple test granny squares done with 2 rounds, I made some basic computations based on size, estimated yarn, and total time required. (yes, I’m a geek.)

Here are the calculations I came up with:

I have yet to decide what I want to do with the border, but the general idea is to get all the squares whip-stitched together (figured that might be the “flattest” method) and then do a continuous granny square pattern around the outside. We’ll see how the size ends up for the inner portion before making that decision. … or whenever I just want to call it “done”.

Below is the latest picture I have of the actual blocks in the design (24 Dec 11). I just finished crocheting all the gray squares, and completed about 30 more black squares, but I don’t have a picture with that yet.)

The 8.5″ x 11″ paper gives the overall design an idea of scale in this picture. It’s looking pretty cute!!

I’ve found that the granny squares are the perfect activity to keep my hands busy while watching TV, and if I just want to do something that doesn’t require a ton of brain power. 🙂

Only 87 more granny squares to crochet!




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