Ghosty Blanket – Update

It’s hard to believe that Boo could be one of Nintendo’s antagonists. He’s just too darn cute!

I have all the squares completed from my original plan.

Here is the adjusted pattern idea:

Upon seeing him laid out, I am thinking of adding a couple more rows of blue to the top and the bottom before putting on a border.  I also played around with the idea of giving him a crown, but that wouldn’t be true for 8-bit Boo.

Here are the updated calculations:

I plan on joining the squares with a whip stitch, tucking in the tails as I go.  There are a couple other methods that I might check into though: back-stitch and mattress stitch. Right now, it measures 48″ x 48″, which is 2″ shorter than my estimates. Not really that big of a deal though. With the additional rows and the calculations for how the border factors in, it looks like the finished size will be around 6ft x 5ft. A good-sized lap blanket for a shrimp like me. 🙂



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