Creating Embroidery Designs – Nintendo items – Part 1

What is blue, has wings and spikes, and goes boom when it reaches its target? …… A blue Nintendo shell, of course!

I made one of those and more using my 5D embroidery software this afternoon! I’ve made progress on creating several embroidery designs for a future Nintendo quilt. Now that I have had a little bit of practice, it seemed to go well today!

Here are the designs that I created today (I haven’t stitched these out yet, but assuming that I learned something from my adventures in Yoshi and King Boo, they will probably be quite alright):

The star, ba-bomb, and chomp will all be applique, so that’s why the colors aren’t correctly displayed for their main “body”.

These are the two that I had created before:

I have a little ways to go yet since I plan on digitizing about 20+ designs. Then, when all the designs are finished, they will be incorporated into 6″ (finished) quilt blocks.

Oh goody!! This is coming along nicely, and is a load of fun!!

– Stephanie


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