Tucking Tails

I will have to admit that my least favorite part of this afghan-making process is ensuring all the tails are tucked in and hidden. … well, it’s probably because I’m not doing a very good job of it. I thought I’d take a moment to show the back side of the blanket, especially after I have been using it (I don’t see why I can’t use it if it’s not quite done yet… 🙂 )

Right after the rows were all stitched together, the back looked wonderful: there were no tails sticking out anywhere! Since then, they have just started appearing, much to my dismay. This has forced me to critique the technique that I have been using.

So, where are the tails coming from? They are coming from a variety of sources:
1. Each of the blocks has a tail from when it was created.
2. Each of the vertical seams between the blocks has a tail from when the blocks were stitched into the rows.
3. There are tails from when I stitched the rows together.

As you can see by my list, there are LOTS of tails to have to tuck! Not only is this time-consuming, but simple logic tells me that more tails to tuck = more tails that could come UN-tucked! UGH!!

So, for the row that I’m currently on (not pictured), I’m attempting to cut the yarn less. This means that as I’m attaching each of the blocks together into their row, I’m not cutting after each seam. I’m threading the yarn through one of the blocks to the other side so that I can attach the next square in the row. So far, I think this is a superior method when using the whip-stitch for joining. I’m also trying not to “weave” the yarn into the seam as I’m stitching the blocks together (this is the primary location that the tails were coming un-tucked at). If I can cut the yarn after I’ve gotten the tail to the center ring of the block, that area seems more stable and less prone to having the tail peek out.

Other methods of joining may actually work better at hiding these tails (or creating less tails). I really didn’t like the chunkiness that single crochet would have added, so I’m not sure I’d have gone with it.  I don’t want to mix methods within the same project, which is why I’m adjusting my cutting frequency. (Due to the unsightly tails in the above picture, I have almost convinced myself that joining the blocks using single crochet would have actually looked better… still don’t like that option, but that’s how ugly I think these tails are!)

At least I should have a couple rows that look great!! 🙂

– Stephanie


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