BB Bag – Traveler size

I was really in need of a project that I could finish fast (meaning less than months and months like the rest of my projects seem to take!), so I decided to stitch up a little bag! This is the BB Bag – Traveler size.

It took me a bit longer since I made up plastic templates (for 2 different sizes). I also changed my mind about the liner fabric. Originally, I was going to use the shiny black for the liner, but after sewing it on to the first piece, I ditched that plan. The fabric was tough to cut accurately and keep in place. (I think that if the interfacing was applied to the shiny black it would work better.) I put the butterfly fabric everywhere then…. and I really like it!

The rest of the pattern went together reasonably well. I didn’t allow enough slack on the corners for the binding though, so it puckered a bit.

I don’t have a fastener on it, mostly because I don’t really have anything… Didn’t even think about that when I was getting materials. I think that a magnetic snap would be nice. Oops! 🙂

– Stephanie


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