Another BB Bag – Big size!

I couldn’t just make one, right? 🙂 Since I made plastic templates for both of the sizes, I figured I should try the big size, too. I also got a ton of zippers, so I might as well use them up!

I was planning on waiting until it was completely finished before posting, but I keep getting distracted and it has been 2 weeks now. This is what I have finished so far….

The process:

– For this bag, I stuck with the recommended ratio of main fabric/inside fabric/zipper pocket fabric just to keep track of everything easier.
– Instead of pinning all the pieces that had interfacing applied to their respective lining pieces, I traced the template onto the right side of the fabric. This made the lining pieces much more evenly sized in comparison.

– This went smoothly. It is much easier to work with cotton quilting fabric than home decor fabric.
– The top-stitching went smoothly for the pockets, too! I even got to have some fun matching thread!
– I found matching zippers in the pile-o-zippers I got from a recent online order! Wonderful! Stitching was a dream using my zipper foot (E). Love.

– The alternate method of cutting the pieces definitely helped when it came to this step!

Inside pocket                                              Outside pocket

– I used my D foot to stitch the pleats. This foot has an uneven footprint (lol, pun definitely intended). It is made to accommodate uneven fabric thickness and was perfect for this task.

FASTENING THE FASTENERS (not quite there yet):
– I bought magnetic closures that I plan on sneaking in before I baste and attach the binding.

– I cut a couple strips of the blue fabric and sewed them together end-to-end to make it long enough. I really love the length of the strap of the Traveler BB Bag I did previously, so I made this strap the same length. (The pattern doesn’t specify the length of the strap, only the width).
– This strap is a tinge wider than the Travel BB strap due to its slightly larger design.
– I did not interface the strap fabric for this bag. It was necessary for the Traveler BB because I had used shiny, slippery, unruly fabric.

After finishing the strap, I played with it a bit and thought that it looked like a volcano. So, I made some “lava” and took a picture… My mind is strange sometimes…

THE BINDING (Not quite there yet):
– The main goal for this task is to make sure that I didn’t get the binding on too tight around the corners like I did for the Traveler BB.
– Color choice? I am going for a more uniform finish (so that it can be worn in a variety of situations) so I chose the same fabric that I used as the main outside fabric. Unfortunately, I ran out of my navy blue embroidery thread, so I will have to switch to black. (I found 2 bobbins with the remainder of that 1000yd spool, so I spun that thread through the machine until every last millimeter was gone!)

– Now that I have the process figured out, I’d like to incorporate some embroidery on the purses! I think that the embroidery would add the textures, weight, and style that I got with the home decor fabric, but still retain the easy of sewing that I get with the quilting cotton.
– I would also like to adjust the templates to be able to fit an iPad in there. 🙂


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