“Now I’m having fun!” — this is what I said as I was seeing this Goomba (Nintendo character) come to life in my embroidery hoop. This is exactly the type of project that I had envisioned me creating when I upgraded to 5D Professional Embroidery software. All of the little pieces fit together perfectly, stitched out smoothly, and was darn cute when it was completed (6.5″ unfinished block).

I had a happy mistake that occurred during the design process of this little guy; somehow, the blanket stitch was programmed for “triple”. This is what is giving the outer stitching a bit more weight. Thankfully, each of the areas was programmed the same way.  I had been worried that my method would not cover the edges well enough, but I think this solved my potential issue! What a happy mistake!

In addition, I decided to use Wonder Under to help secure the pieces better in the long run. I had tried Wonder Under before, but I don’t think that I had done it correctly. The kinks are worked out now, and that feels good. 🙂

I had been trying to stay away from cutting all sorts of little pieces for applique, but I really like how they look when it’s finished. It also prevents the puckering that would occur if I had a large area of dense stitching. I created 2 “die line” files, which contained the outlines for the pieces. I then printed them at 100% to use as templates (pieces pictured below).

Thanks to my happy mistake, I have an even better way of attaching applique!!

 – Stephanie


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