The Red Green Shell

Now that I have this applique thing figured out, I made up a red shell (or a green shell, depending on fabric). I had originally created a red shell that was 100% embroidery, but that contained about 17,000 stitches, which would inevitably end up puckered in the long run.

Everything fit together well, at least once I fixed my flubby. Oh, boy, let me tell you about this flubby!

So, there I was…I had the black holes finished and the placement stitching for the underbelly of the shell done. But, something looked wonky. Oh man, I forgot to program the cut-out for the left-side hole! So, if I were to continue stitching, it would end up covering up the black hole on the left completely! In theory, I figured that I could adjust the embroidery file without moving it within the hoop area and could fix that minor error and save the project. But, would the theory hold?  Woo hoo, it worked!

Just when I thought that all was saved, I encountered another issue: as I was fusing the red shell onto the background, it bled onto my white pressing cloth! (I don’t think that the fabric had been pre-washed.) Bummer. … But can it be saved??


Using a Shout Color Catcher sheet in the wash, I washed this block to see if the white rim of the shell would end up pink. But it stayed white! Here is the after-the-wash photo:

I honestly can’t see that it bled at all! 🙂 Yippee!! I’d have to say that this block was meant to be, especially with all the trials and tribulations that occurred along the way.



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