Gone Bananas….

The banana turned out to be a relatively simple block. Nice!

For this one, I thought that I would show how I position the fabric in the hoop and get the applique pieces in place. I cut the blocks slight larger than desired (so that I have extra room to square them up when finished), and mark the center of the block (it’s very faintly visible in the white pencil). I load the hoop (with stabilizer) in the machine and load the embroidery design.  Right before stitching, I set the needle to the center position. I line it up with the “x”, lower the needle into the fabric slightly, then rotate the fabric so that it is square with the hoop. Using the “fix” function on my embroidery machine, a basting stitch creates a box around the outside of the embroidery design area, fixing my fabric to the stabilizer without having to hoop it!

After the basting is done, the design embroidery can be started. In this design, the required applique fabric needs to be placed down first, so I programmed in a “die line” running stitch to mark the location for fabric placement. After this, I placed my banana cut-out within the lines and fused it to the background fabric. (I prepared my fabric by first fusing interfacing behind the yellow, and then some Wonder Under.)

I have discovered that if I cut just inside the die-line template (click here see an example template), this makes it so that the fabric fits inside the blanket stitch, without threads showing from the outer part of the fabric. By using the triple stitch option for the blanket stitch, it also gives the stitching a bit more body to contain those threads as well. After this, slide the hoop back onto the machine and stitch away!  <cue action shot>

Yes, I do believe I am getting the hang of this!

– Stephanie


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