Backing Fabric for Boots

I have been attempting to decide what fabric to use for the backing. One one hand, I had the original plan of using the cream, hand-painted fabric for the backing so it all matched, but on the other hand, I was loath to use the spendy hand-painted fabric for the back, since it seems like overkill for a place that won’t get seen that often. But, did I have something in my stash to use instead?

I had 3 chunks of brown fabrics that were large enough for backing pieces, but none of them coordinated exactly. This brown (that I used for the Goomba on my Nintendo quilt applique) seemed to work the best though. The tone is not quite as “warm” as the browns used in the front, but it won’t matter for the back. In addition to being a more responsible financial decision, this regular quilting cotton should also keep the bulk down as well (the hand-painted fabric seems much thicker).

So, with that decided, it’s a matter of getting the backing fabric ironed and the sandwich made!

– Stephanie


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