Autumn Table Runner

For this project, I used my new Quilter’s Hoop and Binding Foot!

  1. Go shopping for awesome fabrics at great prices! YAY!
  2. Design table runner (yes, usually my rule is that I do this first, then I know what to buy. As a result, I now have a LOT of fabric).
  3. Wash, dry and iron fabric.
  4. Cut pieces. The first piece I cut was the center block. This would allow me to start the embroidered leaf while I ironed and cut the rest.
  5. Embroider the center design.
  6. Piece the quilt top.
  7. Measure and cut and/or piece the backing and batting. Cut the bias tape fabric (2″ wide).
  8. Assemble the sandwich.
  9. Hoop and quilt the motifs, starting as close to the center as possible.
    • For this design, I started with the corner designs around the large maple leaf in the center. (Note: 12″ blocks can be quilted using the Quilter’s Hoop, but you will have to re-hoop for every corner!)
    • Next, I embroidered the 8″ blocks next to the center with a single run quilting design.
    • For the third batch of embroidery quilting, I quilted the 8″ orange blocks with a little more detailed design. Since this takes a little time, I cut the fabric for my binding while the designs were stitching out.
    • I finished up the quilting on top by embroidering a border motif across the two 4″ blocks. (Next time, I would probably do these after Part B. I just kinda forgot about them.)
  10.  Stitch the bias tape into a long chunk, then use a bias tape maker to 1″ bias tape.
  11. Using the binding foot, attach the bias tape and bind the quilt top, starting in the middle of a side (not a corner).
    • At the corners, pull the quilt top through so that there is a little bias tape to work with. Fold the corner, then position under the needle again. Pull the bias tape backwards through the binding foot to remove any slack. Continue to stitch.
    • I found that the binding foot was still quite finicky and did not give me a perfect finish. It was convenient to do both back/front at the same time though. I started with 2.5″ fabric, but the folded tape was too wide for the binder foot, so adjusted the width.
  12. Place on table and enjoy!

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