Ruby Royale – Dimensional Stitches

A new feature with the Ruby Royale is the Dimensional Stitches menu. In this menu, there are 8 stitches that utilize a second fabric for a quick appliqued motif.

FullSizeRender 21
Dimensional Stitches Menu: Y

I had the perfect fabric at hand, so I tested the sunshine first.

The sunshine stitches are a nice size: not too big, but not too small to deal with even littler bits of fabric.
Positioning the fabric was a little tricky. As evident in the top right sunshine, my fabric was not quite position low enough. After stitching out a few, I got the hang of exactly where to put the fabric. Careful not to go too low, or it gets caught in the “ray” and it’s impossible to snip evenly. It works best to place the fabric about halfway into that next stitch of the “ray.”

I look forward to incorporating this into a couple projects, as well as test out other dimensional stitches (like the leaf…I have tons of ideas for that one).



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