Nintendo Quilt – Fake Item Box


The Fake Item Box is a deceiving part of of Mario Kart as it resembles a regular Item Box but causes damage instead. Ryan and I refer to these as “dammit boxes,” mostly because when we hit them, we yell, “Dammit! Box.”

Since it would be an appropriate addition to the Nintendo Quilt, I have designed an applique version! I did two test blocks, and I have a 95% solution (the few minor tweaks that I’d like to make won’t require another test stitch). It should be ready to go on the real fabric!

Version 1 (left); Version 2 (right)

Version 1. This was my first stitch-out attempt. Issues that I noted:
1. components of the fill stitch in the question mark didn’t meet correctly,
2. I didn’t like the fill stitch for the Question Mark (too many stitches!),
3. background stitches from box edges showed through the question mark,
4. the box edges motif line isn’t quite uniform at the edges (see upper right corner of the pink). Otherwise, it wasn’t too bad!

Version 2. Much better! The Question Mark is more pronounced (there aren’t stitches showing through) and the design is much more refined! I need to correct the properties of the dark red box edge line in the back, since it appears that it isn’t triple stitch like the rest. Otherwise, good to go!

Other notes:
Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
Stabilizer: Tear-Away (medium weight)
Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
Hoop: 120mm x 120mm
Software: 5D Embroidery Professional



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