Nintendo Quilt – Piranha

Note: I’ve made some major additions/updates to the Nintendo Quilt project page. See them here!

Piranhas are a staple in any of the Mario Kart games. In some of them, Petey Piranha was a playable character. The one I designed is a “decorative” piranha, meaning that it won’t strike out to get ya as you’re driving by!

This embroidery was done using fill stitches (no applique). With just under 8100 stitches, it worked well for a design this size (100mm high).

I had originally designed the .can file (the 5D Design Creator file type) nearly 3 years ago. I dusted it off and make some tweaks using the knowledge I’ve gained through experience in the meantime.

Changes included:
1. Selected different fill styles for the pipe and “head,” and ensured density was set at 2, with underlay and zigzag.
2. Adjusted the stitch-out order, and then moved the starting and ending points for logical flow. I also converted the jump stitches to single stitches for the areas that would end up with more stitching on top.
3. Paid close attention to the overlaps in the layers while also ensuring that the stitch-out order made sense. No gaps! Yeah!
4. Fine-tuned the ends of the leaves and the teeth. The satin areas were ornery for areas that small. This took a combination of work in the actual .can file, and then even more attention to detail using Stitch Editor (love this module!!).

I can honestly say that I don’t need to change anything after this test stitch! I might remove the double-stitch outline, but it’s not necessary (it would eliminate the need to cut some jump stitches).


Other notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
– Stabilizer: medium tear-away … I did not hoop the fabric on this one since my piece was too small for that. I used some spray adhesive and the “Fix” option instead. – Hoop: 120mm-120mm
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)



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