Nintendo Quilt – Yoshi (applique)

I’m making some serious headway on my Nintendo Quilt designs! Totally having a blast!

This is the applique version of Yoshi. I had previously stitched him using fill stitch, but that technique tended to pucker the fabric quite a bit, which I didn’t care for (note as a thing to try: I might have better luck with two layers of stabilizer). Since I’d been using applique designs for many of the other characters and items, I redesigned Yoshi as an applique.

I had a couple minor design adjustments after seeing this test, but overall, he turned out pretty good!


Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
– Stabilizer: tear-away (medium weight)
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
– Hoop: 120mm x 120mm
– Software: 5D Embroidery Professional (Design Creator & Stitch Editor)


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