Nintendo Quilt – Updated Layout

Oh oh….I did an inventory of my fabric for my project, did some math, and calculated that I will likely come up short by one block of the rainbow batik fabric in my previous design. I had noted this as a possibility back then, but now I can’t find that fabric anymore. This is not a huge deal since I could replace the one block of it in the lower left with a green block or something and still make it work.

However, as I was playing around with some of my test blocks, I discovered that I really liked how the green, blue and white looked together! As a result, I reworked my layout plan with the help of a few of my crafty genius friends! We had a great time discussing options and character interactions. For example, the Thwomp should not go where Shy Guy is because he looked too thrilled smashing a Ghosty in the center of the quilt. Thwomp is manageable in the upper right because the Ghosty below him will move out of his way fast enough. Shy Guy appears to be looking for Ghosties, so that’s appropriate.

2016-01-04 WGR v3 nintendo_quilt_top

Bonus: With this plan, I have enough of the rainbow batik for the item boxes.

This means that I’ll have to re-stitch about 4 blocks, but that’s not the end of the world. In the grand scheme of things, it’ll be worth it.



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