Daisy Waves: Lace Headband

Don’t you wish you could have a pretty headband for every outfit?! Well, maybe not that extreme, but I certainly liked the idea. Primarily, I needed a headband that matched my hair color so that I could wear it for work and it is really hard to find comfortable headbands in the right color. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, so I present to you, Daisy Waves Free-Standing Lace Headband!

Daisy Waves FSL Headband-2

Here is a step-by-step outline of the design process:

  1. Start new design in 5D Design Creator module Design Creator 2 icon, selecting the “Start a New Design with no Picture” option. Design Creator - blank slate
  2. Using the draw window Draw Tab, make a long rectangle that stretches the long way across the hoop. I used my 200 x 360mm hoop and made a rectangle that was approximately 340mm long and 15mm wide.
  3. To add the waves, I used the wavy line, and then used the vertical reflection in order to alternate and connect. The reflection option allowed me to work on one side of the headband and it automatically mirrored it on the opposite side. Very slick.Reflect option
  4. Next, I selected a “mini shape” flower and sized it to fit within the waves.

    Headband Draw window
    This is the completed “draw” design that I used as the template for the next steps.
  5. At this point, my template was completed and it was time to start creating the design. Select the “create” tab Create Tab.
  6. Make the cross-hatch fill for structural integrity. This is the foundation that will help keep the entire design from falling apart once the stabilizer is dissolved. (Note: I like to work in the order of stitch out. That ensures that I have good flow during the design and helps me eliminate jump stitches.)Crosshatch settings
  7. (change color) Trace the underlay stitches for the flowers (see figure). This is also a structural step. To get from flower to flower, I “traveled” under where the waves would stitch. This is two-fold: 1) eliminates jump stitches and hides the different color, 2) provides the underlay for the waves!Underlay detail
  8. Program the satin stitch for the flowers. To help with flow and eliminate jump stitches, I stitched 5 1/2 of the petals and before completing the last bit, I stitched the center. (see figure)flower stitching logic.JPG
  9. (change color – optional) Program the satin stitch for the waves.flower satin settings
  10. Program the satin stitch for the border. Tie the stitch, and the design phase is complete!2D stitch close-up
  11. Save the design as an embroidery.Save as Embroidery
  12. Open 5D Stitch Editor module. View the density in the “modify” tab. Reduce areas to “dense.” Density icon
  13. Run the “stitch optimizer” to remove unnecessary stitches. I had only 16 stitches removed. Optimize icon
  14. Save the design for stitch-out.
  15. Stitch it! I used water soluble stabilizer that has more of the fabric feel and a 75/11 embroidery needle (note: I tried a microtex needle, but that shredded my thread too much). I also placed the design as close to the edge as I could, so I that could stitch multiple headbands in the same hoop (important for the trial and error process and preventing waste of stabilizer).

    Headband Trial and Error
    My trial and error progress. Top: machine messed up; seemed too wide; 2) Stitched great, but needed more; 3) Added flowers, but the program didn’t put underlay; 4) Added underlay. Deemed perfect! Bottom: Added a 3rd color change!
  16. Stitch it again in a different color combo! 🙂SLH00066
  17. Dissolve the stabilizer and allow to dry. I noticed that it wanted to pull and cause it to wave, so I blocked it using pins on my ironing board. File Jan 16, 11 29 03
  18. Measure head, cut elastic and assemble headband.  I used 1/2″ elastic and a bartak stitch to secure it to the lace. File Jan 16, 11 26 20
  19. Embellish! I have a few ideas of using seed beads to give it some sparkle and further flair. … but I will likely get distracted before I get to that part, so I should probably just post this while I’m ahead. 🙂

This was certainly a fun process and I look forward to using the skills I learned/refined in other crafty ninja adventures!!

~ Stephanie



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