New Laptop – “Crafty Alien Lappy”

Q: What is sleek, fast and lights up in colors to match my embroidery machines?
A: My new Crafty Alien Lappy!!

Alienware 15″ R2
Ruby Alien FX profile
The lightning system can be configured in a wide variety of schemes. Currently, I’m running a custom theme that I call “Ruby.”

This Windows 10 PC will run my 5D Embroidery Professional software, with only a few minor quirks (hey, the software is almost 6 years old!)*. With the close proximity to my machines, this eliminates all the trips back to the office to put designs on the memory stick. Even cooler…I can plug my new Ruby Royale directly into the computer and send designs straight to the machine!

  • Note: do not try to send while the machine is in the middle of an embroidery. I tried that and the machine went nuts (stitched across the design, stopped moving, and continued to stitch in the same spot without responding to buttons).
  • Another Note: if navigating to the PC from the embroidery machine, copy the embroidery file to the machine before stitching. On two occasions, the machine would stop stitching and freeze. My theory is that this is caused by reaching into the computer for the actual file. Once I copied the file to the embroidery machine, I didn’t have any more issues.
File Jan 19, 15 17 53
PC Data as viewed on Ruby Royale

* About those quirks… Two of the modules don’t display correctly (5D Organizer and 5D Embroidery) and there might be concern for stability of Design Creator.

  1. The 5D Organizer is not a big deal since the complimentary Premiere+ software (available on the HV website) has an explorer plug-in for Windows Explorer. Not only that, but you can send directly to the Ruby Royale (I haven’t figured out how to get Ruby Original to communicate yet). There are also options to  print actual size images of the embroidery and the color listing. By right-clicking on the file to view the properties, you can also see the embroidery information dedicated to its own tab.

    file properties - embroidery tab
    File properties window, Embroidery tab.
  2. The 5D Embroidery module issues, on the other hand, are rather troublesome. I’ve tried various display settings, yet I can only get the application window to expand to about 3/4 of my full screen before it gets hidden by invisible boundaries on the desktop. Perhaps I’ll come up with something that fixes this quirk, but for now, it’s irritating that I lost valuable viewing space. 

  3. 5D Design Creator crashed mid-development with no saving option. Considering my relative lack of use on this operating system, it may be a singular event. Nonetheless, hugely concerning.

Overall, I can work through the quirks (unless it crashes on me too much). The next time Premiere+ Ultra goes on sale, I may have a lighter wallet. 😉



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