JCW Mini Cooper Embroidery

I saw a tutorial that utilized the Draw Tab Draw Tab in 5D Embroidery Professional, and with my recent experience on the lace headbands, I thought I’d give another JCW Mini Cooper design a try.



Here is my “drawing” of the JCW.

JCW Drawing in 5D Pro
I chose slightly different gray colors to remind myself that the fill patterns were different.

The advantage of using the draw window is that you can do an express embroidery wizard feature to create the embroidery design. For the most part, this gave me an 80% solution in the “Create” Tab Create Tab. I then adjusted some areas (e.g., added holes to the overall green body to eliminate dense stitching areas).

JCW 2D edt view
This is a view using the Edit tab, showing each of the outlined areas.

The Create Tab allows for 2D and 3D view of the stitching.

JCW 2D create view
2D Stitch view in the Create Tab. This is ideal for precisely viewing how the stitches in each area overlap.
2D stitch detail view
2D Stitch view in the Create Tab. Detailed view of the left stripe and top left portion of the grill. Not only are the fill stitches visible, but you can also see the underlay stitching.

Here is the software-rendered Life View of the design:

JCW 3D life view
Software 3-D Live View.
This is the same image as the first in the post. My main complaint for the design is that the stitch density left fabric showing through in the body and the grill areas. Unfortunately, I have the density set to the most dense setting. I may have to change the fill style.

With the metallic thread, it really does look neat!

~ Stephanie


4 thoughts on “JCW Mini Cooper Embroidery

    1. craftyninja says:

      Yes, working on the Nintendo quilt and other things at the moment. I found a link to a page that shows how to finish the back of the embroidery hoops. I’m using a hoop to “frame” this embroidery for now.

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