Nintendo Quilt – Chain Chomp…

…aka “Hose Beast.” If you drive too close to this guy, he’s going to chomp you! He gets his nickname “Hose Beast” from the phrase, “I just got hosed!” that is commonly used soon after attempting to drive by him. Sometimes he’s “off the freakin’ chain!” like in Peach Gardens.

hose beast software snip

This design uses applique for the inside of his mouth and his “head.” The chain is created using a satin fill. I absolutely love how dimensional the chain turned out!

His eyes are made using radial fills for both the outer white and the black. The glint in his eye is a satin fill area.

I had contemplated a few different ways to attack his teeth, but due to the size of the teeth (i.e., too large for a satin stitch like what I’ve used on Ghosty), I settled on a fill style edged with a satin fill in order to create the 3-D look.

The trickiest part for this design will be the final stitching on the quilt blocks. Yes, plural. His head will sit square in a green block, but the chain will drag behind, covering the white sashing and some of a white block.  That should be a neat touch. I have already started to think of some ideas for alignment techniques and will likely share in a future post when I complete the final stitching.

Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
– Stabilizer: 2 layers of tear-away (medium weight)
(I also hooped the fabric with the stabilizer)
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
– Hoop: 200mm x 20omm
– Software: 5D Embroidery Professional (Design Creator & Stitch Editor)
– Stitches: 9,760
– Color changes: 9 (4 different colors)
– Applique: yes


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