Fill Style Sampler Book

I made a little Fill Style Sampler book to help me with designing in 5D Design Creator. It should give me a better idea of the results of my designs and eliminate test stitching.

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First, I created a 9-square grid template in 5D Design Creator.  As I developed each “page,” all I had to do was change the fill style in this template. Each row is a different fill style and each column is a different density.

5D template


Then, I saved the designs as embroidery files and opened them in 5D Embroidery to add the text. Once I created the letters in one file, I used the same file and replaced the grid for subsequent pages, “saving as…” a different file each time.

5D live view

I stitched out each design using light thread on a large piece of dark fabric to enhance contrast. When the designs were finished, I used a quilting ruler to square and outline, then a scissors to cut the 6.5″ squares.

File Feb 21, 17 52 58

I double-sided my pages using a 1/4″ seam allowance, finishing them in the same fashion as the Valentine’s Day soft book. In this instance, I did not “bind” the book to retain the ability to add more pages in the future. I used grommets and ribbon to assemble the book.

I also made an instruction page that details the materials used. This will serve as the baseline in case adjustments are needed for future designs. For example, knowing that I used one layer of medium-weight stabilizer for this project and a specific fill style at Density 2 caused rippling in the fabric, I would then use two layers of stabilizer when stitching this in a future design.

File Feb 27, 10 09 20
I am not entirely impressed with the readability of this font.

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