SNES Ghosties – Revisited

Finally, some progress on SNES Ghosties!! I designed “SNES Ghosties” four and a half years ago inspired by SNES Ghost Valley 2 as played on Mario Kart Wii. The Nintendo Quilt with all the characters that I’m designing is coming along nicely and I wanted to practice my piecing skills before doing the “real deal.” This was a way to practice and still get something accomplished!!

SNES Ghosties Quilt Top (29.5 x 24.5″)

Not entirely the most attractive colors, but there will be “decorations” and “embellishments” in the form of Ghosties, item boxes and a title. Those aspects haven’t been entirely designed/decided yet. I have the basic concept in mind though.

Here are some shots during planning and construction.

Ryan and I also did some “research.” Yes, I believe that’s what we will call playing video games from now on, especially Mario Kart!


My precision cutting (finally won at the rotary cutting game, yay!!), my walking foot and new Aurofil thread was an absolutely superb combination! This is the first time (if I recall correctly) that I have used my walking foot for piecing. I will be continuing this practice, and I will be ordering more Aurofil thread. 🙂

I used 2″ squares to make the little notches to cut corners in the track (upper left black block as an example). I stitched on the diagonal and then trimmed the seam allowance to 1/4″ and pressed open.

I need to let my decoration ideas for the quilt top marinate a little while, and in the meantime, I plan on making progress on a few more UFOs!

Other Notes:
– Machine: Ruby Original
– Thread: Aurofil 50wt (piecing)
– Needle: Quilting 90 Titanium (Inspira)
– Settings: Stitch #A2 (straight stitch), 2.5mm length, default tension (4.6)- Walking Foot with Piecing Foot (interchangeable)
– Rum: Appleton Estate Rare Blend Aged 12 years


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