Nintendo Quilt – Shy Guy

Another super cute block that turned out fabulous! I wanted a red Shy Guy to match with the rest of my Nintendo Quilt, but the nice thing about this design is that he really can be most any color. I used Aurifil 50wt cotton thread for stitching on his mask so it would blend in more. The rayon thread I normally used was too shiny in my test piece, in my opinion. While cutting the holes for the mask was tedious, it was worth it to get the look I was going for. The red piece is solid underneath, with black stitching for the eyes and mouth added before the white.


Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
– Stabilizer: 1 layers of medium-weight tear-away
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
– Tension: 40 (I am filling my own bobbin thread, and it doesn’t wind up quite as tight as the pre-wound ones)
– Hoop: 120mm x 120mm
– Software: 5D Embroidery Professional (Design Creator & Stitch Editor)
– Stitches: 7,145
– Color changes: 10 (7 colors)
– Applique: yes


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