Nintendo Quilt – Nuclear Spiky Shell

I’m rarely in the lead while playing Mario Kart (just ask my husband), but when I am, these buggers really interrupt the flow of my day! They were a necessary item for this Nintendo Quilt.

I probably have at least 3 different versions of this item. I am finally happy with one…and not only happy, but THRILLED! I love the “feathery” look to the wings and the depth of the spikes.

White fabric is fused under all of the white areas to help give the design depth. I used a radial fill on the wings to give them a little more texture. I had contemplated a satin stitch for the wings, but there was too much surface area to cover and the stitches would end up longer than 10mm. The spikes are done with a satin area, using edge walk and zig-zag underlay to help tack the white fabric to the block.

The applique pieces were intricate. I was thankful for my new and very pointy scissors. Finished size is 4.07″ x 3.85″.


Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
– Stabilizer: 1 layers of medium-weight tear-away
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
– Tension: 40 (I am filling my own bobbin thread, and it doesn’t wind up quite as tight as the pre-wound ones)
– Hoop: 120mm x 120mm
– Software: 5D Embroidery Professional (Design Creator & Stitch Editor)
– Stitches: 7,107
– Color changes: 9 (6 colors)
– Applique: yes


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