Bionic Gear Bag for Notions

I saw the lovely Bionic Gear Bags all sorts of folks had made and had to do one myself! I chose neat prints from the Rhoda Ruth collection (Elizabeth Hartman) and gave it a go. I’m glad I did (apart from a few minutes during zipper 1 installation when I wanted to throw it across the room).  Here are pictures of the finished bag. Scroll down for in-progress pics and a couple of the neat accessories I made!

Attaching the magnetic snaps was simple and adds a great function to the bag.

For the majority of the construction, I preferred pins to the Wonder Clips. They came in handy later, though.

Going crazy for pins!


Clips were handy for attaching the sides. I trimmed my sides first using a ruler and rotary cutter. That produced a very nice edge to work with.



I also made a coordinating Bionic Needle Wallet, which was pretty much the whole reason I made the bag. The Fabric Dumpling Dish for the front is a neat touch, too! I used the suggested magnetic snaps to secure it.


Overall, this bag took a while to put together, but it turned out great! For my next one (or two), I will put small D-rings to give the option for top handles or a strap.

Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Ruby
– Needle: Microtex 80/12…until I broke it, then Titanium Quilting 90/14  (Inspira)
– Tension: 4.8
– Use presser foot “H” to sew on the vinyl
– I made lots of notes in the PDF pattern — when I make this again, be sure to review them!

~ Stephanie


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