Digitizing: Applique Settings

I got new embroidery software! Yippee!  I had my previous software for 5 years. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and got a new laptop, and the old software (5D Embroidery Professional) just wasn’t working that great on it (display issues).

My new software is Premier+ Ultra. There are some improved features that I have been playing with. One of which is Applique. This feature was available in 5D Pro in the Create Module, and it exists in the sister module in P+.  However, there are a few more settings possible, and if I can figure them out, it will streamline the programming  quite a bit.

Here is the summary of my settings experiment (Click on the picture to make it larger):

Applique Test


As an example of the improved features for applique, see below for an applique Yoshi that has the actual fabric loaded into the software:

Yoshi Applique v5 comparison
This will become the front of my husband’s lunch box. 🙂

Other notes:
Machine: Designer Ruby Royale
Needle: Inspira Embroidery 75
Stabilizer: Medium-weight tear away
Applique: yes, be sure to fuse in place before stitching borders.


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