Sugar Cookies!

I haven’t made cookies in a while because they are fairly time-consuming, but I found some of my pictures and thought that I would share my favorite references.

I found the information detailed by Sweetopia to be most helpful, plus she has adorable pictures of her creations!
Sugar cookie recipe:
* I halve the recipe and get about 32-36 cookies from the batch
* I used baking powder, but the last batch really spread, so I might consider leaving it out entirely next time.

Royal icing recipe (makes enough to ice the 32-36 cookies I get from the above recipe):
5 T water
3 T meringue powder
4c sifted powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla (added at the very end)
Directions: mix the water and meringue powder using a whisk until well mixed. Add all the powdered sugar to the mixer bowl, and beat at low speed (I use level 2 on my KitchenAid stand mixer) with a towel over the bowl for 7-10 minutes until thick and creamy. Add vanilla at the very end. I didn’t use clear because I wasn’t concerned with the color.

I studied and followed this page while I was teaching myself how to ice my cookies with Royal Icing:

I like to outline and flood at the same time, to avoid the obvious line around the edge. My favorite tip for that is the #2. I shoot for around 7 seconds when doing the knife test for consistency.

Here are the pictures of my creations and some of the things I learned while making them.

Star Wars Cookies

– definitely make sure that the icing is thin enough (it was too thick for most of the cookies from the first-ever batch I did – except the blue R2 units)
– the thicker consistency is great for the details though
– the Wookie Cookies were a huge hit, and they stay Chewie!

Guitar Cookies

– without waiting inbetween colors, outline and flood the black, brown, red, grey pick-ups, and black f-holes. This ensures that base layer lays nice and flat.
– use a white that is slightly thicker than the flooding consistency (it won’t spread as much) — may have to use 2 different whites
– listening to the Barney Kessel station on Pandora is a must while decorating these
– the neck breaks easily if you transport it in your purse. 😛

Ninja Cookies

These are ninjabread men, made using the gingerbread recipe

– use a thicker white/black to add the details of the ninjas
– white was my favorate color; red leaves my tongue very pink all day long
– eat their arms and legs first to avoid having them fight back.


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