Nintendo Quilt – Assembling the Top

I spent a weekend cutting strips and squares, and then the next week I assembled the Nintendo Quilt top! It is absolutely exciting to see the product that I have envisioned for almost 5 years come together! 

Pieces cut and sorted.
My entertainment while cutting and trimming.
Stitching the rows!
Basting ensures that my seams match up perfectly!
I love the sashing! It really helps the characters pop.
The quilt top! Next up: borders.
Auditioning border and binding fabrics.

I’m working on the border details now. The red fabric I love bleeds badly, and that’s no good next to white. I might be able to pretreat with Retayne, which I just found out about. More to follow on that.

I would like to add prairie points to the border. They are like Ghosty teeth!! lol

I’m letting these ideas simmer while I learn more. It may be a few more months before I really make solid headway. In the mean time, I have new embroidery software that might help me quilt it!! I need to play around with it a bunch. 

Piecing Settings:

Machine: Designer Ruby, walking foot
Thread: Aurifil 50wt cotton (white 2024)
Tension: 4.8
Stitch Length: 2.0 mm
Basting stitch length: 3.0 mm
Use the “Pointy Thingy” to guide the fabric through. 



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