Lunch Bag

Every lunch bag should have a happy lightning cloud! Well, that’s my opinion, and a theme that I carried on with this project. My previous lunch bag was 13 years old, and had seen solid use for daily lunches for about 9 years. It was falling apart. So sad. I didn’t want to be sad, so I made a new lunch box with a happy cloud!

This little lightning cloud you may recognize from my Nintendo Quilt designs as the “Cloud of Doom,” and it was the perfect size for my new lunch bag. My notes are at the bottom, after the plethora of pictures. 🙂


Here are some of the notes from construction:

1. Walking foot. Stitch setting on “seam” and “heavy” fabric with stitch length of 3.0 mm. Seam Allowance: 0.5″

2. Quilt As You Go Tutorial from “Oh, Fransson.”

3. Materials:

  • quilting cotton for the top,
  • Insul-Bright batting,
  • denim for the backing (adds stability and eliminates the need for interfacing),
  • sport nylon for the bottom: 8″ x 9.5″.
  • Lining: Ironing Board Fabric. Cut 2 pieces. 9.5″ x 20.5″ and 7.5″ x 22.5″.
  • Zipper: 22″ purse zipper. Seems sturdy. Stitched it to the horizontal panel (that contains the front design) first and top-stitched, then stitched it to the top flap and top stitched. I might try this in a different order when I make Ryan’s Yoshi Lunch Box.

4. Other notes: Definitely worth the time it took to pin it in place. I eventually got close enough to the corners with the sewing machine and hand-stitched the very corners to finish it off.




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